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Meet Our Strategic Advisors

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Eldon Sprickerhoff
Strategic Advisor at Nebulas Technology LLC

Eldon Sprickerhoff stands as a paragon of innovation and expertise in the fields of information security and cybersecurity. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Eldon is renowned for his foundational role in eSentire, a leading global cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response company. His journey is marked by active involvement as an executive, investor, mentor, advisor, and board member, bridging critical domains such as information security, computer science, machine learning, SaaS, and finance.

Eldon's technical prowess is rooted in Continuous Monitoring as a Service Methodologies (MDR), Hedge Fund Security, Internet Security Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Incident Response Methodologies, and Purple Team Security Process. His deep expertise has made him a venerated subject matter expert, particularly for financial services firms on the buy-side.

His career has been predominantly focused on bolstering Information Security within Mid-Market Financial verticals, including Hedge Funds, Alternative Asset Management firms, Registered Investment Advisors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Investment Banking. His strategic insights and advice are sought after in cybersecurity startup circles, offering mentorship and guidance in areas such as strategy, MVP definition, go-to-market approaches, product value-add, and client acquisition.

Eldon’s advisory roles extend to due diligence, identifying emerging trends, and mentoring founders on their startup-to-scaleup journeys. His ambition, humorously likened to being the 'Rick Rubin of Canadian Cybersecurity', reflects his passion and commitment to the field.

At Nebulas Technology LLC, Eldon brings his extensive experience and a strategic mindset. His role as a Strategic Advisor is integral to the company's ongoing commitment to innovation, security, and excellence in IT services. Eldon's expertise in cybersecurity and his holistic approach to information security are invaluable assets to Nebulas.co, aligning perfectly with the company's ethos of providing tailored, customer-centric IT solutions.
His addition to the team underscores Nebulas.co's dedication to staying at the forefront of IT trends and tackling complex IT challenges with clarity and effective solutions.

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Bejamin Saberin
Strategic Advisor at Nebulas Technology LLC

Benjamin Saberin, a leader and innovator in the field of technology, brings his wealth of expertise to Nebulas Technology LLC as a Strategic Advisor. Benjamin's path in the technology sector is distinguished by a series of notable achievements, including a tenure of nearly a decade as CTO at an asset management firm. He also founded Hedge Fund Tech Connect, Inc. (HFTC) in 2004 and The Saberin Group in 2007, both of which have significantly contributed to the industry.

HFTC, established to serve technology professionals in the hedge fund sector, has evolved under Benjamin’s guidance into a community for leaders and aspiring leaders across various industries. HFTC fosters a collaborative environment where members can learn and grow together, sharing insights about industry trends, compliance, and security. The organization's commitment to philanthropy and its innovative initiatives exemplifies Benjamin's dedication to community building and mentorship.

The Saberin Group, a digital agency founded by Benjamin, specializes in leveraging technology to elevate brands and teams. With strong roots in the financial services sector, the agency has become a beacon of innovation, adept at navigating regulatory and compliance challenges. The Saberin Group's global reach showcases Benjamin's ability to lead and scale organizations effectively. The agency's diverse team excels in support, development, project management, design, analysis, and customer success, demonstrating Benjamin's commitment to building comprehensive and efficient solutions.

At Nebulas Technology LLC, Benjamin Saberin's role as a Strategic Advisor is pivotal. His experience in leading communities and his success in the digital agency space bring a unique perspective. His expertise in fostering collaborative environments, coupled with his deep understanding of technology in various sectors, aligns seamlessly with Nebulas.co's mission of providing tailored, innovative IT solutions. Benjamin's strategic insights are aimed clearly at contributing to Nebulas.co's pursuit of excellence in IT services, enhancing their commitment to customer-centric and innovative solutions.